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Aug 8, 2015
Lancaster PA
What's the straight maple : simple syrup ratio, in terms of grams of sugar? I'm also using a spoon of luxardo for whatever that's worth. I can taste it, which I feel adds something unique to play against the Fernet without being too sweet for my taste.

I feel that the high rye, high proof evens out the extra Fernet for me too. I'm no mixologist, but I feel I can pull the individual elements from each sip. That's balance, at least to me.
Not sure grams of sugar. If making it at home I’ll do just straight syrup. If at a bar I would make a maple “syrup” of equal parts water and maple, same as I would make a simple syrup. It’s consistancy is just more palatable and works better with cocktails. As such I would up it in a drink.
I love fernet. Drink it, shoot it, mix it. Fan of it. But when making a drink for a menu that 350ish people see a Friday/Saturday I take it down to be more palatable to the general public. I love pushing flavors but there’s a time and a place for it and unfortunatly I don’t always have the time/place

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