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Jul 14, 2013
Podunk, Tx
Going to bring this thread back from the dead, because I haven't laughed my ass off so hard in months.

“I got a demonstration of what it was, and I mean, I immediately started laughing,” Chiesa said. “I was like, ‘If you think for a second you’re going to like reverse ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ me in a high-level mixed martial arts contest, you’re off your (expletive) rocker – pardon my language. But yeah, I knew what the move was. (My note: no, no you don't)

“It was like if he had my chin, and his chest was on the back of my head like a guy would go for a guillotine, and it was like he was going to rotate and turn his back to me while still holding my chin, basically putting the back of my neck on his shoulder, and drop down. We started laughing. We’re like, ‘This is so funny.'”
- Michael Chiesa to mmajunkie on Joshua Fabia's secret South American paramilitary choke neck breaker

First off, fucking millennials not knowing what a Rude Awakening is.

Fabia vs Coach Edmond in 2020. Do it.
Jul 14, 2013
Podunk, Tx
But wait there is more....

"And not only explain, but demonstrate the hold, which he said was the product of work as a “former private military contractor” (he declined to answer additional questions about his work, citing nondisclosure agreements that prevented him from speaking publicly)."
- Joshua Fabia to mmafighting explaining paramilitary death blow. Right before telling them he has a totally hot girlfriend, but she goes to another school.
Apr 11, 2013
Weidman's only losses were from illegal strikes, nerve agents and radioactive attacks. Lesnar only lost to divirticulitus (sic). Cormier only lost to juicehead. They're all undefeated IRL.

Adesanya is prolly better than Corey Anderson, even a 2.0 version. I'm not that down on the guy.
Until I see Adesanya face a single D1 wrestler/BJJ blue/black belt etc. . . I'll remain skeptical. He'll prolly tee off on Silva like people do BJ Penn I'm guessing.

But I get it from a business perspective. . . Dana was prolly shitting bricks when he was watching McGregor getting pasted for a 10-8 round by Mendes until that one punch.

Haven't seen any lines on Yan/Dodson, but I think Dodson has great KO power for that weight class, will bet him if he gets +200 or more dog money.

Who you take prime Fedor or prime sea level Velasquez in a dream fight?
Guy needs a 5th round (impressive rally nonetheless) to get a decision over the Roy Nelson of MW. Can't finish or even hurt way past prime Anderson Silva.

Meanwhile Weidman is 3-0 w/ 3 stoppages against those same guys. . .

Will smash the bet button on Weidman, Jacare, Romero, Costa, Mousasi etc. . .

Whittaker? Eh . . . not geeked about him being a slight favorite.

Speaking of guys who would beat Adesanya, Rockhold best chance to beat Jon Jones @ LHW on the horizon?
I had it tied going into the 5th, also scored it a 10-8, which I believe (not sure) put me in conformity with all three judges. . .?

He can't even pound on old PED man Silva.

All guys tougher than anyone Idesanya's ever faced.

Our newest graduate of bArF hyperbole university

Another reason I was not impressed with Izzy rounds 1-4. But hey, that round 5 showed me a lot, kid has heart.

I don't think he makes it to round 5 against any old man strongs or Costa tho.

Where the fuck you at, you punk bitch?