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Sep 28, 2015
Hey TB group. I need some help/advice/feedback/input or your collective random thoughts on how to go about something.

The generosity of this community with beer raffles for charity along with some cool organized groups like Brews for New Avenues inspired me to try to do some things here in the Midwest/Pittsburgh area. A few of you guys have popped out to support Helping Hops, our 501(c)3 here in Columbus, OH. We had a great year kicking off when COVID hit.

So we're trying to be creative about helping both breweries and good causes; making sure people have the essentials. Likely doing something like buying the naming rights or ingredients for some beers to get some cash to breweries upfront, asking that they pledge at least the same amount in the future back to something like a local food bank. Or maybe $2 per 4 pack from the beer donated that we help make. Maybe organizing something like a Rise Against Hunger event to help parts of the world really suffering.

I'm not sure the best way but anything in my cellar of value is going to go to raise funds for this.

Off the top of my head:

B1and B2 Zenne
2004 3F Magnum
A&G B1 and 2
OGV Honing
OGVs in general

I also just have some fun things all cellared from the last 6 years.

Another TBer who started this with me is going to their in some bottles. So what I'm looking for is best advice. Online raffles? Small group tastings within a 4 hour radius of Columbus? Host random small tastings near major cities in Ohio? Pittsburgh? Social distancing makes it hard but doable. There would probably be some cross posting.

You can check us out at www.helpinghops.org

We are strictly volunteer based. We keep nothing from the funds raised and might just need a little local help getting organized in this digital world. Right now in talks with a Columbus and Pittsburgh Brewery about doing a project in each city to start.



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