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Apr 10, 2013
Back this year because of modest demand!

Trying to see if I can gather enough interest for another March Madness BIF. You don’t need to fill out a complete bracket. Just pick 5 teams.

1. You pick 5 teams. That’s it. Your score depends on the seed and success of your picks and how many games they win.
2. Open to Talkbeer Members in the lower 48 US states only.
3. Non-winning Talkbeer Members agree to ship at minimum 44oz. of wants, locals, or otherwise high quality beer to one of the winners, to be assigned after the National Championship game. There is no limit to the amount you can send.
4. Shipping window opens Tuesday, April 3rd (pending assignments) and runs through May 7th. See below for more details.
5. To participate you must have an established trade history or a sponsor who does. Your sponsor agrees to ship a box if you fail to do so.
6. You'll only be counted as participating when I receive an entry from you. This includes your name/address now and your picks once the bracket is set.
7. I’ll accept entries up until 11am eastern on Thursday March 15th, before the round of 64 begins. If you want to pick one of the teams in the “First Four” games, that’s fine. Feel free to submit that entry before the “First Four” games. If your pick loses there, I’ll let you revise that pick up to my deadline of 11am eastern on March 15th, if you miss that deadline to revise, you’re down a team from the start.

The scoring works as follows. Each time one of your picks wins a game
  • You get 1 point for the win in the first 2 rounds
  • You get 2 points for the win in the sweet 16 through the end of the tournament (NEW THIS YEAR), PLUS
  • The points associated with that team’s seed number, PLUS
  • A 4 point bonus if that team makes the Final Four, PLUS
  • A 6 point bonus if that team wins the National Championship
Please fill out this google form with your picks and information:

The number of winners and payouts will be determined based on how many people sign up. Last year, we had 20 entries and paid 4 winners, splitting the boxes 9/4/2/1.

If I need to do a tiebreaker, here’s my attempt at documenting one:
Tiebreaker will be whoever has the most games won between all their picks. 2nd tiebreaker will be whoever has a team with the most wins (worse seed # would break a tie here if necessary i.e. a 5 seed with 4 wins would beat a 4 seed with 4 wins). 3rd tiebreaker (and I hope I don’t need to do this) would be whoever has more likes on TB at the end of the National Title game on April 2nd.

And most importantly, the shipping timeline:
April 8: National Title Game, winners finalized
April 9: Winners draft shippers. Hopefully I get PMs out to everyone with their targets that night
Friday May 10: Deadline to communicate why you're missing the shipping deadline and an updated ETA that is within reason
Monday May 13: Deadline to ship (this is a long ass time for you to get your shit together and ship!)

FAQ regarding these deadlines

What happens if I missed the deadline?
Please don't.

Alright, but what if I did?
Did you say you were going to miss the deadline?
-If no, you'll be getting neutral feedback if we haven't heard from you by Wednesday May 9.
-If yes, I will hold you to the updated ETA you provided and do the same thing - neutral feedback 2 days after your ETA.

So now I have neutral feedback and haven't shipped...
I'll send the obligatory "hope all is well, but are you ever going to ship?" message/email/text.
At some point, your neutral feedback will get revised to negative if you don't ship.

Yeah, well when will you do that? We all know you're too nice and scared that once someone gets negative feedback they'll just bail entirely!
Not sure! Have you been keeping us in the loop? Have you been on TB and just ignoring this obligation? Have you stopped logging into TB entirely? Still going to use my poor discretion on this one, but at least your neutral feedback will provide some warning to anyone who wants to deal with you going forward.
Easy enough, right? TLDR? Questions? Comments?

Last year's thread is here

This is more or less a copy and paste of the hard work that lambandtunaphish did last year. I hope he doesn't send me a C&D
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Apr 10, 2013
Edited post to define what wins in the final 4 and national championship are worth. Original post was silent on them. Every game after the opening weekend is worth 2 points.
then final 4 teams and national champion get bonus points as originally stated
Apr 10, 2013
Updated participants so far:

Hopefully we can snag a few more before tipoff tomorrow morning

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