US - Northwest Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Festival March 29th & 30th

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Oct 1, 2013
Sep 29, 2013
5?! Christ. This ought to be an interesting time.

And don't worry, we'll make sure your tasting glass doesn't run dry. I happen to have some experience in muling beer for folks in portland... and from one side of the room to the other sounds a lot simpler than from one side of the border to the other.
Oct 19, 2013
Hmm this is tempting me a bit.

I've started avoiding Saraveza because of the $$$ gouging that goes on but as long as the 10 tastes aren't 2oz pours it looks like a decent deal.
Sep 29, 2013
Last year they had pretty big pours - somewhere from 6-10oz I think? The glasses they provided were branded tulip-style sleeves, not tasting glasses at all. Very cool.

I'll post a photo of them when I get home tonight.
Sep 29, 2013
Tentative list posted:
This year’s draft list includes (some beers may be subject to change):

Agrarian Ales
‘Curiosity’– Biere de Mars, traditional spring farmhouse, 6% ABV
‘Field Beer’– A session saison brewed for busy farm hands, 4% ABV
‘Coalescense’ – Spring saison with organic raw oats and rye from a neighbor, 5% ABV
2012 Vintage ‘Apricity’ – A rich, full bodied and higher gravity saison brewed for Winter, 8% ABV
‘Spontaneity’– New Release! A spontaneously fermented wild oak barrel aged lambic inoculated with apples and asian pears from a neighboring orchard.

Anchorage Brewing Company
‘The Tide & It’s Takers’ – Belgian Style Triple w/Brettanomyces, 9% ABV

Block 15 Brewing Co
‘Caves Anniversary Saison’ – A Tart Saison blend with Brettanomyces, 6% ABV

Breakside Brewery
‘Brett Saison’ – Rustic farmhouse brewed with 3 different yeast strains, 6.3% ABV
‘French Fennel Farmhouse’ – A wheaton farmhouse ale brewed with fennel seed, bulb & pollen, 7.1% ABV
‘Suburban Farmhouse’ – A copper hued saison made with Topaz hops, 7.5% ABV

Brewery Ommegang
‘Glimmerglass’ – A delightful Spring saison, 5.4% ABV
‘Hennepin’ – Farmhouse saison brewed with grains of paradise, coriander, ginger and sweet orange peel, 7.7% ABV

Crux Fermentation Project
‘Flanders Red Ale’ – Crux’s interpretation of a traditional Belgian red ale, 8.1% ABV

de Garde Brewing
‘Saison Desay’ Wild Blend 1, 2 & 3 – A historic farmhouse ale, each is a blend of multiple batches from multiple barrels, hand selected, seeking to highlight unique characterstics derived from the local ‘terroir.’

Elysian Brewery
‘Bramble On’ – A Comet hopped blackberry saison, 5.6% ABV

Epic Brewing Company/Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
‘Elder Brett’ – Wine barrel aged saison w/brettanomyces, 9.1% ABV

Great Divide Brewing Co.
‘Colette’ – Belgian inspired saison using four different yeast strains, 7.3% ABV

Humble Brewing
‘Comet Rye’d’ – Saison brewed w/rye and Comet hops, 6% ABV

Jolly Pumpkin
‘Fuego del Otono’ – An oak-aged amber farmhouse brewed with chestnuts and spices, 6.1% ABV
‘Biere de Mars’ – French style stock ale aged in oak barrels, 7% ABV

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery
‘Black & Bucolic’ – A dark & fruity, yet refreshing saison brewed especially for this festival!, 5.4% ABV

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
‘Lentepunt’ – ‘Lentepunt’ means ‘Spring Equinox’ in Dutch, this is an amber farmhouse with brettanomyces, 6.6% ABV. Part of the batch was blended with the ‘Half Naked’ from Solera brewing – be sure to try all 3 beers!

Lompoc Brewing
‘Forbidden Fruit’ – A black currant saison brewed with Bazi Brasserie for their 2nd Anniversary, 5.9% ABV

New Belgium Brewing Co.
‘Biere de Mars’ – Belgian inspired ‘Beer of March’ Ale with brettanomyces, 6.2% ABV
‘Love’s Leopold’ – Amercian Style Wild Ale Aged in Leopold Blackberry Flavored Whiskey Barrels, 9.5% ABV

North Coast Brewing Company
‘Le Merle’ – A rustic, Belgian inspired saison, 7.9% ABV

Oakshire Brewing
‘Funk d’ Farmhouse’ – A tart saison aged in pinot noir barrels, 6.6% ABV
‘Biere de Mars’ – ‘Beer of March’ – Saison fermented with brettanomyces, 6.4% ABV

pFriem Family Brewers
‘Tiny Saison’ – A refreshing and light spring saison, 3.2% ABV

Propolis Brewing
‘Granum’ – Herbal Farmhouse, brewed with spelt, rye, oats, wheat and barley, 7.5% ABV
‘Ostara’ – Spring amber saison brewed with woody herbs and chamomile, 7.5% ABV
‘Spruce Saison’ – Golden saison brewed with spruce tips, 7.5% ABV

Solera Brewery
‘Half Naked’ – A sour farmhouse ale, 6.5% ABV – This ale was also blended with Logsdon’s ‘Lentepunt’ to make ‘Half Naakte Paasvankantie’, which is Dutch for ‘Half Naked Spring Break’!

Stillwater Artisinal Ales
‘Cellar Door’ – A saison with sterling and citra hops and finished with white sage, 6.6% ABV
‘Stateside Saison’ – A classic farmhouse ale, 6.8% ABV

Stone Brewing Co.
‘Matt’s Burning Rosids’ – Imperial cherry wood smoked saison, 10.5% ABV
‘The Perfect Crime’ – Smoked Black Saison aged in red wine barrels (collab w/Evil Twin & Stillwater), 6.8%
‘The Tiger Cub’ – Saison aged in white wine barrels, 7.7% ABV

The Ale Apothecary
A special version of ‘La Tache’ – A wild ale aged in dark rum barrels with white peaches, 8.4% ABV

The Bruery
‘Saison de Lente’ – A spring saison with brettanomyces, 6.5% ABV
‘Sour in the Rye’ – An oak barrel aged sour rye, 8.7% ABV

The Commons Brewery
‘Biere de Garde’ – A ‘Beer for keeping’ inspired by the farmhouse beers brewed in Northern France and Steve Jones, Proprietor and Cheesemonger at Cheese Bar in Portland, Oregon, 5.3% ABV
‘Populus’ – A golden farmhouse ale with OR grown Cascade hops and CA grown Coriander, 6% ABV
‘Urban Farmhouse’ – A light refreshing and highly sessionable farmhouse ale, 5.3%

Trinity Brewing Company
‘Blow up your TV’ – A table saison/grisette blend, 3.8% ABV
‘Saison Man’ – A chardonnay barrel aged session saison, 4.8% ABV
‘3 Flowers’ – An ‘orange hued’ saison aged on 3 secret varieties of flowers, 7.0% ABV

Upright Brewery
‘Fatali Four’ – Barrel aged ‘Four’, Belgian style wheat beer, with fatali chiles added, 4.5% ABV
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Nov 6, 2013
It's just sold out to buy through the site. They're still selling glasses and tickets. Looks like they have plenty left

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