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Oct 1, 2013
Concord CA
G'morn friends and foes!

A lot of you seem to enjoy supporting local and/or independent businesses. Ya'll like music too, right? Today's a good day to be effective in supporting local and/or independent musicians by buying whatever shit they might have on BandCamp.com.


Until midnight tonight (PDT), the Oakland-based online music retailer is forgoing their proceeds so that artists can enjoy 100% of sales revenue. More info here in this video I made, which also doubles as an ad for this local concert series I've been busy with the last few months.

If you wanna check out the show, please RSVP here so you get a little FB reminder as we draw near. If you don't have FB you can still watch by going to to our FB page between 7:45pm and 10:30pm (again, PDT) tonight. It'll also be streamed on LocalMusicChannel.com and apparently YouTube by those same folks. Lots of original music tonight, plus some covers of songs by the Winehouse, DMB, Elliot Smith, Beatles, Damien Rice, Pearl Jam, the Stones, and Radiohead, Song Preservation Society, and Rx Bandits (I know, right?).

But Concord Couch Concerts aside, you really should, ask your music friends (or find out) if they have any shit on BandCamp.com, and then buy the shit out of that shit.

Alright, later!


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