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Nov 20, 2016
Wash DC
another whisky rant...

compass box is mega-overrated. i was caught up in their hype for a year or two, collecting some of the various 'LE's' until i started opening them or trying others i hadn't bought yet at bars. the jokes about their formulaic "<insert clynelish or caol ila> + <filler single malts mostly used in blends>" has validity.

the general, lost blend, flaming heart, no name, delilah's, hedonism (including maximus and quindecimus)... i've yet to come across any that hit the mark and that's without taking into account the MSRP. they seem to have found a specific style where they combined good marketing and unique branding with a a taste formula that values safe choices first and foremost. and i'm not speaking as a single malt snob... i would drink black bull 12 over any of those bottles i listed above.
You could make those arguments about a lot of IB scotch in general though, at least the ones that are < $100
(of course like a Cadenhead's Caol Ila 34yr is going ot be pretty epic, but also $500+)

With all due respect, I think you've been duped into thinking CB is *capable of* doing an LE release at all. They only have so many sources, the guy only likes what he likes... to say they are formulaic and or taste the same as the normal lineup- seems like water= wet statement to me, true as it is.

But I'm of the opinion that LE scotch in general (especially OB) is fine if you've tried everything, but it's not a very cost efficient way of doing business. Take xyz product, throw it in a new sherry/wine/whatever cask for <12months, then call it Xxyz product, and charge double. It's probably a bit different than xyz bottling, but it is worth hunting and paying double for? Depends how much money and time you have.

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