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Jun 29, 2016
emerald city
Matt was an awesome dude. Toronado is one of my neighborhood bars so I’d often stop in for a beer after my runs. He always lovingly gave me shit about being too active. After I had heart surgery I didn’t go in for a while and the first time back Matt gave me a huge hug and from them on we’d always compare our health problems. Matt had had back surgery shortly before my surgery so we always compared our medications.

My favorite Matt story was the day my grandmother passed away in 2015. I went over and ordered a bottle of Cable Car to split with some buddies and the bar staff. At some point Bonney walks over with a second bottle of CC and is all “believe it or not, someone just called and ordered you a second bottle.” He shrugged and laughed

It was always fun to attend the Three Matt’s dinners and see how proud he was of everything he’d a accomplished with the dinners.

My thoughts are with his wife and step daughter this morning. He’ll be missed.
Jan 9, 2015
Upcoming from Mirage:

*PATEK WATER* is new Helles lager--a twist on last year's Ski Mask recipe with a new hop: Hallertau Blanc. Fully brewed this in a vain attempt to retain the gold Ski Mask won at last year's WA Beer Awards, but also because I want to drink more Helles. Cans and draft.

*YELLOW TAPE* is a kellerbier brewed in collaboration with my close friends at Matchless Brewing. An unfiltered young pils, full of Czech Saaz hops. Cans and draft.

*REGOLITH* is a tart table saison fermented solera-style (or more accurately: perpetually blended) in a large-format French oak foeder. 4.5% ABV. Draft only. Idk if this has been announced yet, but Regolith will premiere this Saturday at the Chuck's Greenwood anniversary party. Shh?

And of course, new bottles of blended sour ale are on their way: one fermented in oak with local peaches, and one fermented in oak with heirloom varities of plum, plout, and pear--each from a different friend's estate. I'll have more information for you when the bottles finish conditioning.

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