Secret Festivus 2018: Hints and Hauls

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Nov 4, 2017
New York City

Welcome to the sixth annual incarnation Secret Festivus/Santa, 2018 edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder of the rules:

BEER : 72 ounce minimum - 156 ounce maximum (quality over quantity, please stick to the limit)
SCHWAG: Beer related or request related, <$25

****Frank would really like people to try to stick within the parameters of these requirements. This is not a contest.****

Shipping: November 26 (or earlier) – December 12 (all boxes must be delivered by the 17th, Friday)

We have an opening and haul post day where everyone posts their haul and wang shots. This makes it a fun day to watch the thread, throw out likes, and share in the joy of Festivus.

The opening and haul day post will be any day after or on December 12th. Or when all boxes have shipped.

If you happen to be shipping or receiving from a cold area, get the box out early. Maybe wrap your bottles for placement under the pole. And you can send freshies to hold your target over, but no pictures of beer from boxes until opening day, including whale spunk milkshake IPAs.

Any grievances, please PM me.

Festivus celebrators are:
brystmar ABSTRACTlegend BadJustin jefe73 BigFrank
Brez07 brian4beer ChaQuiseman chemman14 mwbbq
clevelandisthecity domdomdomdom Don andrewdrinks
elkhunter36 ExPimp Fahmie25 ggfunk capnmike GRDave
jammery jrstar96 mattafett
WhalezB4Rarez MikeJones
BeerandNoise MKtheGeneral
mymrnngjckt NClambicguy
oelayan Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky
PepeSylvia Podunkparte quirk6
radio2525 ripps1
RyanG scramin85 shelf_turd_ferguson sjstraub StevonHanbyTDBuck
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Sep 22, 2014
Got my target and I couldn’t be happier....

I hope it’s not one of those target-is-your sender things, because I already owe my target one.

This gif is unrelated, but I found it earlier but didn’t wind up using it. Just felt nervous posting without a gif.