something non wine but %12ish and no refrigerating?

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Oct 2, 2013
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Yeah. Theoretically port might oxidize over a couple months. But also certain sherrys that dont need refrigeration would also work and just need drunk in that few month timespan.

And realistically, if you're not drinking a container of booze in a few months, then purchasing something for home consumption may not be the best idea for you.
Dec 3, 2015
looking types of liquor which are basically as strong as wine, doesn't need refrigerating, doesn't go flat or spoil like %12 beer would. Basically want something that can take a glass of now and then. If a beer is %12 in a larger bottle, then it will go flat or spoil if opened and only taken from now and then. Why not wine you ask? well I have a hard time getting past how grapes need quite a bit of fungicides pesticides etc to grow which can then end up in the wine. They DO make pure wines with no additives and grown organically but it's becoming like a research project to finalize that and I'm not sure I even like wine that much.

Want something non sugary too, so not something like a %15 schnapps or candy type mixer stuff. Is the only option to basically get a bottle of scotch and mix it with water to %15? I don't want to do that though, not crazy about scotch or vodka etc watered down. something vegan too so no mead/honey etc.
I've heard you can get a pretty good buzz by taking a ride on the L train lately. No worries about storing anything