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Oct 1, 2013
Cool, i don't know shit about sports cards but since it's right by my house, i figured i'd offer it up to anyone who wanted a bid in
Cool. The only reason I knew is because I was recently looking to get rid of all the late 80s/early 90s sports cards I had stashed at my dad's house in Ohio. Took them to a sports collectible dealer & he told me to recycle or burn them.

Realistically, there are probably some cards in those boxes worth a few bucks, but the effort to go thru them, find them, then try to sell them is not worth it. The dude at the shop told me he sells unopened boxes like that for $2-5, and he had stacks of them.

Twelve year old me would be pissed to find out that the thousands of dollars he spent on sports cards back then did not result in early retirement for 41 year old me.
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