STAR WARS... like, all of it

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Jan 10, 2017
We put on Rise of Skywalker a few times now,. We've only been able to get through it in 15-20 mins chunks. Man, it's the least Star Wars film ever. It basically spits in your face with the terrible crawl......"Yada yada, who cares, F you, nothing matters...here we go...". THEN it's followed by a SLO MO MONTAGE?!?! Where did that come from? It's like JJ had never watched a Start Wars film before, including the one he made.

Made The Last Jedi even better in hindsight. I dug TLJ, even with the few dumb parts.
I feel like Lucas might have put Palpatine in his original outline and Treverrow ignored it and JJ felt he had to honor Lucas’ vision no matter how stupid it is/was. I can totally hear Lucas saying “this was about Palpatine all along” in interviews if he made the sequels like he was planning to.

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