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Jan 17, 2014

I’m looking for 49 other Talkbeer Members to participate in Super Bowl Squares. If you’re not familiar with how this works, each person is assigned one square in a 10x10 grid. Once the grid is filled with names, numbers are randomly assigned. The number represents the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter.

Example: End of 1st quarter score is AFC team 13, NFC team 7. The name in the box where AFC 3 and NFC 7 intersect wins the 1st quarter prize.

We will be using again this year so you must register on that website to play. Your user ID needs to be the same as your Talkbeer name, up to the character limit.


1. Open to Talkbeer Members in the lower 48 US states only
2. Non-winning Talkbeer Members agree to ship at minimum 44 oz. of wants, locals, or otherwise high quality beer to one of the winners, to be drafted after the Super Bowl. There is no limit to the amount you can send.
3. Shipping window opens Monday, February 4th (or after the completion of the draft) and runs through March 9th.
4. To participate you must have an established trade history or a sponsor who does. Your sponsor agrees to ship a box if you fail to do so.
5. Winners are the squares matching the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter, End of Game WITH Overtime.
6. Private message only counts as a sign up, don't just comment in the thread "In" You won't be counted until I recieve a private message.

Here’s the info I need from you in a Private Message:

Real Name

Please make sure you send me all info above

After I fill up the squares, I’ll randomly assign numbers through Targets will go out within a day or two after the Super Bowl. If you cannot commit to completing this by then, please don’t sign up. Feel free to ship as soon as you get your target.

Any late boxes, without prior approval of tardiness, will receive bad feedback immediately. NO EXCUSES. I was very lax on this last year due to the crazy weather, that will not be the case this year. If you can't commit to sending by March 9th, don't join. I also reserve the right to refusal of anybody signing up. Please understand that I am looking for some quality Talkbeer Members to join.

To join, contact me via private conversation with an email address where I can send the invitation from footballsquares. This must be the same email address you used to register on that website. Also, remember to make your user ID there as close as possible to your Talkbeer name. I will respond with a link to the squares as soon as we have 50 entrants. You may not be able to choose a square right away, just be patient and I will post when that can be done.

Once this one fills there will be a second (possibly smaller) pool available to enter as well.


I will periodically post and update a list of participants in this thread. If you see the name of a Talkbeer Member who you feel should not participate because they have failed to come through on past trades, are on the bad trader list or for any other reason, please contact me immediately. I will make the final call but I need help from everyone with such a large group of participants. If I forgot anything or if there are any questions please let me know – GOOD LUCK!
Jan 17, 2014
I am hosting a football squares game for the NFC vs AFC game on 2/3/2019. If you would like to join in on the fun it's really easy to do because game is hosted online at

Just follow the link above and use the following authorization code: beer

From there you will create a screen name and start choosing your squares.

Here are some of the specifics of the game:
Game Number: 292229
Authorization Code: beer
Price Per Square:
Maximum squares you can buy: 2
Additional Notes:

If you have any questions send me an email at: [email protected]

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