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Oct 13, 2016
Link to the account/user name?
nycbeersociety -- He posted them in the fake-Snapchat part.

I don't have a ton of stuff, but I'll just share what I have in chronological order.

The bathroom at Parker Pie, decorated specially for the event:

Notable famous celebrity Gene signing a t-shirt, like the handsome celebrity he is:

And then a few short karaoke Snapchat videos featuring JulianB (the undisputed king of karaoke), Gene, Ben, Rob Erazo (who has an account but I don't know what it is), and maybe some others.

Thanks for the awesome weekend everybody. Same time next year?
Those are all fucking amazing. Day already made. And I will look at them again when I'm feeling down... or when I'm not.
Who brought a shirt to be signed? LOLOLOL (I only laugh because maybe I'm sorry I didn't think of that.)
Apr 10, 2013
Some photos from the nook I also called the Karaoke Sex Dungeon...




I'm sorry I was too lazy to take more pics of everyone else. All my stereotype energy went into karaoke.

I am still a bit sad axeman9182 didn't sing. Next time, Speedway should be shotgunned every hour on the hour to ensure this happens.
Not enough flannel in those photos.
Apr 14, 2015
Guys and gals,

The weekend was a blast! Everyone at Hill and Parker were fantastic! I know I don't post too much around here but Talk Beer people are the only reason I still have patience for the beer scene. There are a few good people still out there that just want to drink good beer!

It was nice to meet BravoDawg and Fahmie25 among others. Seeing DJPhresh outta Jersey was a blast! Hanging with raginasian238 is always amazing. WTF is a Rotary? That Chuck Norris Video sucked as well!

Oh and I'll be back up in VT next Wednesday again to continue the wedding planning out here. Fuck yeah! See you soon AutumnBeerLove and HF staff!

Hope to touch tips again with all of you again if we do it next year. If anyone is ever around Conclave, Referend, or Troon in NJ hit me up and I'll try and get there! That's my area and Timmush is killing it at Conclave!

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