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May 1, 2013
Top two teams advance to battle for the shoe, HoP vs BMW.

It was Chris Carson who was the leading scorer for Ashley Schaeffer BMW who won in a squeaker (more on that later). While Hooked on Pils won in a laugher over Black Buttle Fumbles. If it could go wrong for Dave's team it did.

As mentioned, the top two seeds are meeting in the final. Will Greg go back to back and retain the shoe? Or will he be shipping it down to Georgia? The one and only time these two met was back in week 11 and BMW won a fairly competitive matchup 135.6 to 117.3.

Over in the 3rd place game, it's Jack Burton's Reflexes vs. Black Butte Fumbles. They also have only matched up once and it was Black Butte Fumbles in blowout 146.5 to 78 in week 9.

In unrelated news that only I sort of care about, Dalvin Cook is just now starting to look like a 2nd round pick. Thanks!

Obviously, we have to give out a bad coaching "winner" this week, so here goes.

Jack Burton's Reflexes plays Rivers (21.7) over Watson (25.3) and Sutton (6.7) over Hilton (11). I can't fault Nate on his QB choice, both guys have had good seasons and are ranked 7th and 9th respectively. However, I think Nate would want a mulligan on the Sutton call. Maybe Nate got scared off by the injury that's been nagging Hilton? (though he had 199 yards while playing through it a week prior) Or maybe the Cowboys matchup scared him off? Not sure, but benching the 15th ranked WR for the 54th ranked one was a risk that didn't pay off.

Bad Coach of the Week
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Congrats on joining me as a 3-time winner Nate!

Another year winding down. And another extremely fun season with all of you guys. Even though the stakes aren't as high, and I haven't met any of you in person, I enjoy this league more than my local leagues. Well... maybe not this year since my team here is awful.

Final things. 1st place gets 5 boxes and the shoe. 2nd gets 3 boxes. While 3rd gets one box. Winners will draft their shippers next week, then just get your box out when convenient. I know that winter is a tricky time to ship to a lot of areas of the country, so just coordinate with your target and find a good weather window to ship.

Thanks again and good luck this week guys!

Next week: Draft recap, I am looking forward to that! (even though I'll have my fair share of terrible picks)
Jan 17, 2015
Well so much for that. Mack shitting the bed again. Congrats mateoloco!
At least your flex scored double digits and finished the game. Breida gets injured in the first quarter again while CJ Anderson goes for 22 points on my bench.

We all know Kelce will go for like 25 tonight
which will still be fewer points than Ertz scored for you at TE today.

I dropped Janikowski for McManus because I want tomorrow night to be more interesting (and Seattle probably won't try to kick many field goals against KC).

Either way, it's likely that the loser of our matchup will have the highest losing score in the league this season, which I guess is kind of fitting.
Jan 17, 2015
Congrats gregkoko! It's impressive when every single position player scores a TD and when all but 2 score 2 TDs.

flexabull I nominate myself for the bad coaching award. If I had played CJ Anderson over Breida I would have left Janikowski in rather than punting kicker till Monday. That would have given me 160.9 (to gregkoko's 159.8). I earned that bad coaching award damnit.

Merry Christmas!

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