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Nov 16, 2015
Down There...
Bummed I posted my garage. Was drunk. Current goal is to get this shit organized somewhat by wednesday. At least enough to actually get at the Records.

Also kind of want to sell at least half my collection and try to make it a manageable amount but the fact I'm not paying for storage in the half that isn't here (yes, parents garage) doesn't motivate me to confront my issues...
May 7, 2014
Basque mountains.
Record room became the kids room. No regrets.
Smaller Half in the garage the bigger half in storage.

Also for BrandoSF garage fridge maybe next time he won't blow me off when he beercrafts:(
I´m starting to see where the name comes from now.

I left half my vinyl in my parents attic back home and sold half, I really regret the ones I sold but there was simply nowhere to store them at the time. I did cherry pick the good stuff I wasn´t holding onto and gifted the box to a 16 year old dj just starting out.
Best bit is that he made a career out of it :)

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