The Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul Thread

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Not Patrick
Apr 10, 2013
I've been wondering about the timeline. IIRC BCS starts around 2002 so it would make sense that we're now in roughly 2007 and BB starts in 2008. Also, I don't see how you stretch from where they ended this season. So many things are in place. I won't be surprised if they announce the next season will be the last before it's released. Maybe that's wishful thinking. Would rather have it stay at this high level. Maybe that's been the plan for a while? You'd have to think the next season will be more focused on the criminals than Jimmy's transformation and, as mentioned above, it's been starting to feel a lot more like Breakiing Bad than early Saul.
They announced a while back that Season 6 is the last.
Jul 17, 2013
Saul mentions an "Ignacio" - which "Nacho" is a common nickname for - in his first scene in BB, but I do not recall exactly what he says about him.
He doesn't say much, but I think the quote is, "It wasn't me! It was Ignacio!"
He also asks, "Did Lalo send you?"

With the current Lalo stroyline overlapping with the BB timeline, I think we might see a bit of that overlap on screen.

We also need to know what happens in the flash forward! Major cliffhanger to start the season.
I also think that the flash forward "Gene" scenes will get a little more play. Jimmy is the only one left to pay for the crimes, I believe.

I wouldn't be surprised if at some point there is a prequel series about Gus either.
I just finished a BB rewatch, and during the 4th season, his past and name change circa '86-'89 was mentioned conspicuously more than a couple times.

Which would be fine with me. I've enjoyed the universe thoroughly, and as of now, both series and the movie have been better than decent to awesome.

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