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Jun 3, 2013
SF Bay Area
oh shit it’s back and early this year (its usually december right?), need to make my annual iso!

have a bottle of cask 200 for trade, can sub other sara bottles to make it happen. if any of you guys go up with wives, gfs, brothers, neighbors, would love to expand to 2 bottles!

plan to add a bunch of alvarado street/fieldwork cans

might even be able to swing some monkish growlers, might be swinging by tomorrow. if your for sure going to hf get at me asap to tell me what fill you want. (they got foggier window right fills right now)

also looking for b1, will reach deep to make that happen too, if you got one ft let me know!

recently got one of those mini nintendo’s with a bunch of games, thread shit with old school nes games gif

i fucking hate top
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