The Great Music of Talkbeer - 1990

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Aug 1, 2018
Im not saying its complete crap or anything, one cant call something les claypool has done crap but it is not my favorite. Compared to any of his earlier works, frizzle fry, sailing the seas of cheese, pork soda, tails from the punch bowl, it sounds more like they had an obligation to put out a record contractually and so just phoned it in so-to-speak. Shake hands with beef is in my shuffle but i just cant get into the groove of too many other songs from the brown album. There is also a record called miscellaneous debris which is a compilation of songs that were left on the cutting room floor from his other albums that is quite worth the listen. I rate rhinoplasty inline with the brown album both are good enough but not on my top 3 primus albums. The antipop is a miracle of dank lyrics and mind expanding sounds from the best trio in music.
Funny you say my mind, "Antipop" is that album they made out of obligation. I'll acknowledge that I have no clue how I came to that conclusion, as it was 20 years ago. And I'll be listening again asap.

If I'm ranking Primus albums, Brown is sort of on the side in its own world. it just sounds so different (sound production, drumming, etc) that I have a hard time putting it on the same list as the others. Shake Hands with Beef is one of my faves, and i even found a way to love the opening track.
Sep 29, 2013

One of my top albums of all time and my favorite rap album of all time. Since the day I got this, this album has never left my regular rotation. Angry, intelligent, politically and socially conscious rap. Chuck D at his, Flavor Flav too, for whatever that's worth.

Probably my favorite PE track.

Yeah, one of the best of all time. I also love Apocalypse 91 quite a bit. And I’m a little too high to be bothered with posting pics right now but that’s ok. My pick for 1990 goes to Spacemen 3- Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to.

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