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Mar 4, 2016
Did the Vermont to Montreal trip last April and had no problems. Had way more beer than the limits so I declared nothing, just had a bunch of luggage and snowboards over the beer boxes so you could not tell really. Two adorable kids in the back seat helped as well I am assuming.
Sep 12, 2014
Thanks - i didn't really place on going over the limits but who knows. $10 shelfies get the best of me every time
May 12, 2015
So i'll be going to Montreal next summer for a wedding and wanted to go through Vermont to grab some hill farmstead etc since i'll be in the general area. Has anyone brought beer from the US into Canada and back? Time would really only allow for a trip before going into Canada so i wasn't sure if i was getting into more than i bargained for with doing it that way.
US citizens don't get taxed on US goods by the Canadian government so unlike us Canadian citizens adopting the Zero Fuxxx attitude is alright. I would suggest you declare juat to avoid yourself a nasty surprise unless you have kids in tow... Then you're golden. But just say you have a couple cases for personal consumption and to share with friends... The wedding is excuse is even better. Rule of thumb is typically case per person but like I said they don't care cause they can't tax you.

Getting back will be subject to your own laws but if you have receipts from HF you're golden