Three Way Trades: FT: Loerik ISO 12 Whales --- FT: 2 Whales ISO: LH12 or La Derniere Cuvee du 89

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Apr 10, 2013
Three way:

First Offer : FT: Loerik ISO 12 Whales
Second Offer: I'll take two whales from previous package to trade for LH12 or La Derniere Cuvee du 89

I just want to swap Loerik for LH 12/La Derniere Cuvee du 89 and profit 10 whales in the process while make whoever jump in walk funny in the next day. Winning. Hey, at least I pay double fisting ( oops typo shipping)?
Apr 21, 2013
Foster Shitty, CA
I missed it, what did he do now?

I actually just traded with him and it was perfectly fine.
Nothing...I actually feel for Joel. Seems like a perfectly nice guy. I just assumed this entire thread was in his honor. See here:

And his other great post that seems to be deleted now (the one that this posting is referring to). The one where he offers up a Loerik for 12 whales...and gets it done.

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