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Apr 5, 2013
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So, I tried to lottery off some glassware a couple of weeks ago, and it sort of didn’t work (I won my own box). So, instead of trying to setup another random drawing lottery, I’ll give these glasses (and a box of beer) back to the community in a slightly different way. I remember participating in this (and losing to that poop chute celticfutblclub) over on the old site, and I recall it being some of the most fun I’ve ever had on the internet. That being said, let’s get down to it. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE RULES BEFORE SIGNING UP.

Object of the game is to be the last man standing. Each day, a new challenge will be announced at or before 12:00 noon, EST. Once noon hits, you and your team will have 24 hours to complete the task. Some challenges are meant to be completed quickly, some are meant to have more likes, so each will be played differently. I will be the sole judge as to whether a challenge or task is complete, so if there is any room for interpretation or judgment needed, I will be executing it myself.

Survivor is open to the first 16 people to confirm in this thread that they are “In”. Once I have 16 participants, I will randomly assign you into 2 separate teams. Each team is responsible in coming up with their own name, which you will need to have in place prior to the start of the game at Noon, tomorrow (Friday, 1/23/15).

I highly recommend you set up a private conversation for your team for strategy, etc. At the end of each day, the losing team of that day’s challenge will need to vote a member of their team “off the island”. Once I have my 16 participants, I will message you privately, and this will be your line to me to make your votes, should your team be voting people out After the first 7 people have been voted off of the island, each member voted off after that will make up “The Jury”. There will be 7 jury members, and they will eventually vote on the final winner, chosen from the last 2 participants.

The game is open to only TB members who live in the lower 48, or who can give me a shipping address within the lower 48. ONLY SIGNUP IF YOU CAN COMMIT TO THIS FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS. This is a time consuming and time sensitive commitment, and you don’t want to leave your teammates hanging. There are challenges that include uploading pictures, video, internet access, and yes, a LOT of the F5 button. Prepare accordingly.

Please note: I have hidden 2 immunity idols somewhere in the public posts on this site. I have used my editing abilities, so they can be anywhere in the forums. If you find one, you will need to send the link to me in our private message. You can play the idol at any time privately to me, but you must tell me that you are playing it after I have announced who is up for elimination, and prior to my posting of who has been voted out. If you are voted out, and have not explicitly told me you are playing the idol, then you are still voted out. Once an idol has been played, I will put it back out into the forums in a different spot that can be found.

At stake is a box of Tired Hands glasses, including the Batch #1 Believer's Club Wine Glass, as well as a nice box of beer. Unlike the previous version of this where participants all have to pitch in a box and the top 3 winners will get an assortment, this is a Winner take All challenge. One box, one winner. Best of luck!

[EDIT] Tribes:

Tribe Julian, Please.

Tribe New Money 2: Where My Mules At?

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