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Nov 3, 2013
Worcester, MA
Hey guys,

I will be in Boston next month for 3 days. Any suggestions for restaurants or gastropubs with great beer and food? My lady friend is a foodie, and I'm looking to down some quality local brews.

I will likely bring some JK fruits in case anyone wants to trade or pop bottles at Night Shift and Trillium.
Sep 30, 2013
Surrounded by Hipsters
Definitely check out the Yankee Lobster Fish Market.

Best lobster roll I've ever had.

Also be prepared for $9 pints. Because that's apparently the going price there, lol.
Jul 24, 2013
This is probably still the best resource you'll find for Boston beer:

And just so you don't expect the opposite - trillium cannot serve beer on-premise. It's to-go only. Enjoy Boston!
yes, nor will one be able to pop bottles at Trillium or Night Shift (unless Night Shift has become more lax about this).

as for foodie food, the places on Auror's list are great in terms of beer focused places - in terms of restaurants in general, it's harder to just give you a list as there are so many damn good restaurants in Boston, and many of them have solid beer and exceptional food.

it also depends on where you're staying. if you're in the Cambridge or Somerville areas, i had two very impressive meals recently at Puritan and Co (nicely curated draft/bottle list too, though it's small) and La Brasa, which might be one of my favorite restaurants in the city at the moment... La Brasa has only two draft lines, i believe, but usually decent stuff and some good bottles/cans as well.
Apr 11, 2013
As for best combination of food and beer...

Obvious choice is Row 34. Seafood and killer taplist with a lean towards sour offerings.

Love the elevated pizza and beer combo at Brewer's Fork or Picco.

The main "gastropubs" in the city, Lord Hobo, Deep Ellum, and Publick House all have awesome beer and fairly good food. As for actual brewpubs, Cambridge Brewing Company is always worth a stop. Their food isn't quite foodie level, but it's fine. You can also bring take-out food to some of the breweries like Night Shift. I've picked up Rincon Mexican a few times on the way there.

I love the burger at jm Curley and they've got an okay (but smaller) beer selection. Right across the street is Stoddard's with a better selection and down the road is Tip Tap Room with some exotic meats and good beer. Both the last two I feel try hard but don't quite get there with the food.

North End has a bunch of great italian restaurants but pretty devoid of beer. For food, standouts to me are Panza, Taranta, and Neptune is pretty good (but I'd rather go to Row 34 than Neptune if beer is a consideration).

No beer (I don't think), but an under the radar spot that my girlfriend and I love is Orinoco in South End. Love me some Venezuelan.

For more foodie places, the Boston Globe's "Munch Madness" at least lists most of them ( Craigie on Main, Alden & Harlow are some favorites from here. Both great food and better than average beer selections.
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