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Mar 14, 2013
Welcome to TalkBeer! Please familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines before using the site. The community guidelines are copied here for reference.

Before posting in the trade forums, you'll need to participate elsewhere on the site. The "Introduce Yourself" forum is a great place to start!

The goal is to keep the rules pretty short, so please try to keep things positive on these forums and we can all have a good time.

A few guidelines:
  • It's all about the beer - usually. Try to keep threads going on-topic where appropriate. Fortunately, for our sanity, there is an actual off-topic forum for general nonsense.
  • Keep things positive. Yes, there's a need for a bad trader list and sometimes things go bad, but give people the benefit of the doubt and avoid unnecessary flaming & confrontation. Lots of "bad trades" have been peaceably settled in private conversations.
  • While we'd like to avoid heavy-handed, crazy moderation, there's definitely a line between what's reasonable and what's not - for example:
  • Porn, hate speech, and hostility are NOT going to be okay here.
  • Additional definitions of unacceptable content can be found in the Terms of Service.

One key difference between the TalkBeer forums and some other forums: Moderators will always try to explain their actions. Open communication helps the community as a whole. How is anyone supposed to fix a problem if no one knows what the problem is?

Most content is fair game - that said, there is definitely a line. So if anyone's wondering where that line is drawn, here it is: The fun stops when people are getting hurt. Personal attacks, antagonistic satire (such as fake or parody accounts), and seriously putting down other people are all things that are not going to fly here. Hurting people also includes using slurs. These words exist to marginalize and demean. They are not harmless, no matter how you use them, and their use will not be tolerated. Along the same lines: While innuendo and dirty jokes are usually pretty funny, jokes that demean people - women or anyone else - are decidedly not.

The 'no personal attacks' rule applies to all people, no matter who they are.

The original and core purpose of this site is to facilitate conversation about beer. To that end, those who brew, distribute, sell and buy beer are all of course a big part of the discussion. It's important to draw a distinction between relevant, acceptable discussion, and irrelevant, unsubstantiated and harmful discussion when it comes to people in the industry.

When talking about a brewer, for example:
  1. Acceptable: Discussing how you think a brewer is constantly covering up terrible brewing skills by throwing all sorts of crazy ingredients over top of every batch.
  2. Unacceptable: Discussing how you heard a rumor that the brewer hates puppies.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the link at the bottom of every page. Enjoy!
Not open for further replies.